Personalized Wellness Programs
Client appreciation
    We will match you with one of our practitioners so that we can

address your individual needs.  
            Your first session begins with a comprehensive consultation.  

We will get to know more about your whole self including:  a review

of your health history, current lifestyle and health concerns, stress

level, exercise pattern and a postural evaluation.      

            This allows you, along with your practitioner, to develop a

personalized program that focuses on your goals for healing and

Personalized care for optimal wellness
Somatic Therapy Associates
    Each session is a blend of many different modalities to help you

achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

    Sessions may include bodywork, wellness coaching, moist heat

packs, exercise instruction, stress-reduction techniques, and stretching.  

    The goal is to help you learn more about you.
Massage and Wellness Center
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    At Somatic Therapy Associates, our hands-on bodywork sessions

are specifically created for you and your needs that day.   It is not a

replicated routine. Our work is closer to manual physical therapy, in that,

we look for the cause of your pain and stiffness and focus our attention

there. Although there are certainly relaxing aspects to the work, our goal

is to make lasting changes, so that you feel better!